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Detector & Module

 JTY-GM-LA1550A_110x89 Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector
Non-polarized two-wire bus
Intelligent self-diagnosis
Built-in microprocessor
 JTY-GYM-LA1550A Intelligently sense the chronic fire within 24 hours
Enhanced ability of detector’s anti-disturbance by built-in wave filters
Dust contamination warning and electronic address coding
Super isolated PCB sealed with epoxy resin
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 15~28 VDC
Operating Current:
Standby: ≤0.5mA
Alarm: ≤3.0mA
Monitoring: Red, flashes periodically
Alarm: Red, stays on
Operating Temperature:  -10°C~55°C
Operating Humidity: RH≤95%
Dimension in mm: 100 dia. x 46
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